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AllMoviesHUB: Hello friends, in today’s time everyone is emerging with OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Voot, Sony Liv, Ullu, etc. The time of watching movies in theaters is passing now. No one wants to leave their house to watch movies. And I know that because of the same reason you are here. You want to watch or download your favorite movie for free at home. 

sorce: allmoviehub

So, if you are looking for an AllMoviesHUB movie downloading site then you are at the right place. And if you are searching for allmoveshub pro, allmoveshub de, allmoveshub 4u, allmoveshub Mobi, allmoveshub apk, allmoveshub app download, allmoveshub org, allmoveshub web series, allmoveshub 2022 and etc. On the internet but unable to find the AllMoviesHUB website or download movies. Then in this article, I’m gonna tell you how you can surf and find this website.

ALLMoviesHUB 2022

AllMoviesHub is a website that allows you to download pirated content like movies, TV serials, Anime, and much more online stuff. In the era of expensive OTT platforms websites like allmovieshub is a relief for peoples who don’t want to pay for these platforms. It is a torrent site with a much easy-to-use interface. Because of this people love to surf these types of websites and download content from them. Like movies, TV serials, Anime, etc.

Now let’s talk about how you can find this website and surf it…………

Steps to search AllMoviesHUB Website

STEP 1: Open google chrome or any other browser you wish to use. (But I highly recommended using the BRAVE browser because these types of websites contain too many ads and the brave browser can block all types of ads.)

STEP 2: Now open or .in 

STEP 3: In google search for “Allmovieshub” 

and ta-da you have reached your destination. The first link you found on google is your desired website. 

Now after reaching the website now let’s talk about how to surf the allmovieshub website.

AllMoviesHUB Website

HomePage: The home page is the main page of any website. Similarly, when you enter the website first time the first page you will see is the homepage website. On the homepage of the website. You will see a lot of online pirated content available on the website. I know that this sounds like a mess that every type of content is in front of you and I know that you don’t like it totally. But I think you that for every problem there is a solution. 

The solution to this problem is also available in front of you. In the menu section beside the logo of a website, you will see different sections from which you can categorize this messy content according to your need. Below this section, you will get a search box also from which you can search for your favorite movies, TV serials, Anime, etc. Below that, they also mentioned their telegram channel link through which you can join their telegram channel and more sections will be provided that will help you to separate your favorite content from other content.

It sounds a little bit confusing for some people when I’m talking about content and all. So to simplify this for you let’s talk about every section available on the website AllMoviesHUB.

Home: At the end of the logo of the All movies hub website you will see a home button. And I think you already guess what this button does. Yes, through this button or When you click on this home button you will be redirected to the All Movies HUB homepage. LIFE INSURANCE

Movies by Year: This section is beside the home button and when you hover your cursor or click on this section a sub-category will appear in front of you. Where you get the option to select movies by year. You will see a list of years like 2022, 2021, etc. And when you click on any year you will get movies from that year specifically. From here you can select any year and maybe your favorite movies will appear in front of you.

Quality: In the quality section movies were categorized on the basis of their quality. Like 300MB, 480p, 1080p, 720p movies etc. You can choose the format of the movie according to your device.

Genre: In this section, you can select movies according to your taste that which type of movies you like. Here you will see movies on interest-based. It means that if anyone wants to see horror movies but doesn’t know which movie he/she want to see. Then this section is very useful for them. By using this section you can select horror movies and all horror movies will appear in front of you and you can watch or download any movie from there.

For example, here you will see categories like Action, animation, adventure, etc.

TV Series: In this section, you will get to see the series. Suppose you want to see a web series or TV series. But you don’t know which one to see. Then this section is helpful to you because in this section you will see options like the 2022 web series, amazon web series, etc. And here you will get all the latest websites from which you can select one and watch it. 

Privacy policy: On this page, you can read the privacy policies of the Website allmovieshub.

After these sections, you will get to see some buttons also. 

First, you will see a search box through which you can search for your favorite movie. Below the search box, you will see some buttons like join telegram, Netflix, Dual Audio, 300MB, 480p, 720p, 1080p, etc. Actually, these are just shortcut buttons through which you can directly see content written on the button. 

For example: If you click on 1080p movies then you will get all movies that are available in 1080p format.


Before directly jumping on the main topic I want to tell you that does not support any kind of piracy or downloading movies. This article is just for educational purposes. If you really want to watch movies then you can watch them on OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc. Selling or downloading movies online without the permission of the owner of the content is illegal. And I’m gonna remind you this many times in between the articles.